BSL Centre of Excellence

Who are BSLCoE?

We are a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic trainers who are dedicated to improving BSL national standards. We’re based in the North West. Between us, we share extensive experience of teaching and assessing BSL and Deaf Studies courses locally and nationally, in the public and private sector.

We Aim to

  • deliver local and national high quality, tailor made, accredited and non-accredited courses which meet the needs of individuals and organisations
  • support people who are studying either Deaf Studies or BSL by providing  private tuition, advice on all aspects of BSL and Deaf Studies
  • create new on-line resources, DVD's and study packs that are not yet available
  • provide training, support and advice for Deaf people in a number of specialised areas:

Why choose us?

  • BSLCoE is one of the leaders, when it comes to quality training in British Sign Language (BSL), delivering the highest quality programmes
  • all training is designed to meet your exact needs through comprehensive pre-training briefings
  • our staff draw on years of experience, training across many sectors
  • native BSL users and qualified trainers with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share
  • excellent pass rates and success of our students  which achieves long-lasting, tangible results through personal goal setting
  • support packages and resources like no other BSL Centre can provide
  • on-line learning zone for all enrolled learners that is interactive and informative


“We are dedicated
to improving communication
between the Deaf and hearing world.”

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“In-order to empower Deaf people and raise the awareness necessary, we BSLCoE will not be beaten on quality.”